No vote to self-hating Jew

No vote to self-hating Jew

As a Jew I would never vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders (“Jew vs. Jew: Is America ready for Bloomberg or Sanders?” Nov. 28). He claims to be a Jew when it suits him and uses it as cover to say the most horrible things about Jews and Israel. He makes the Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn look good.

Had Sanders not been a Jew (by birth) he would be considered an anti-Semite. But since he is a Jew by birth, I consider him a self-hating Jew and view him with contempt.

As regards to Michael Bloomberg, he is a person to admire regardless of his religion. When the Federal Aviation Administration under Pres. Barack Obama’s leadership  stopped U.S. carriers’ flights to Israel and practically cut off Israel from the world, Bloomberg got on a plane and flew to Israel. I will support this kind of person under all circumstances, yes, even if he is a Jew.

As for Sen. Cory Booker, no thanks. He proved to be a dishonest and unreliable friend. When the crunch came during the Iran controversy, he was against Israel and U.S. interests even though in prior years he was against the Iran nuclear deal.

I’m not sure that a Jewish president is good for the Jews. He or she may go out of their way to prove that they are impartial and act against Jewish interests. One day we will find out.

Michael Garkawe

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