Nobdoy’s perfect

Nobdoy’s perfect

Regarding recent comments by Alice Walker, Roger Waters, Stephen Hawkins, et al, perhaps you should send them the Sudan ambassador’s speech to the UN along with a history lesson.

After the UN voted for the partition of Palestine and Israel was born, they were greeted with an invasion from six Arab countries. Israel survived and the Arabs continued with harassment and more wars. To paraphrase the immortal words of Abba Eban, the Arabs would accept nothing less than Israel’s unconditional surrender each time they started a war and lost. When Israel gave back the safe zone in Lebanon and Gaza they were rewarded with rockets on their civilians and more wars.

Israel is far from perfect in their treatment of the Arabs but considering their neighborhood and the pressures they face every day, they have done a better job than other countries at war or fighting terrorists.  Have these champions of justice ever come out to protest what Arabs do to their own people on a daily basis? Do they ask why democracy has not worked in any Arab country?  Do they ask why Muslims are involved in wars and terrorist acts across the globe?

As I said, Israel is far from perfect, but “let those without sin cast the first stone.”

Ed Goldstein

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