Not a Democrat

Not a Democrat

Just before the gubernatorial election, Robert Wiener wrote about Sheila Oliver, then a candidate for New Jersey lieutenant governor, and her vote in August 2016 displaying anti-Semitism (“Israel, anti-Semitism central to NJ gubernatorial race,” Oct. 19). She favored companies that wanted to boycott Israel. The measure was voted down. 

You had plenty of time in which to do a story. It was a long governor’s race. She was on the Democrat ticket running for lieutenant governor. She was speaker of the State Assembly, serving as Assemblywoman since 2004.

Anti-Semitic incidents have occurred through the years. New Jersey colleges have all had anti-Semitic problems. There have been problems in business, in communities. NJJN did not front-page Sheila Oliver with those incidents.

But as the governor’s election was approaching, you front-page this story. 

The article tried to offer an excuse and gave talking points that exonerated Sheila Oliver. She’s a Democrat, and that was your biggest line of reasoning to favor her. Excuses; she has gone along with the rest of the Democrats who expect the Jews to continue to cast their votes always with whoever is the Democrat running for office. 

I’m not one of those Jews. I voted for Kim Guadagno for governor and Carlos Rendo for lieutenant governor. 

Cheryl Bass


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