Obama is wrong

Obama is wrong

A letter writer, identifying herself as one of those “who truly care about Israel,” agrees with Mr. Obama imposing his world-view on the Jewish state (“Obama is right,” April 8). This is the same Mr. Obama who has now forbidden us to refer to ‘Islamic extremism’ in national security matters. He prefers to emphasize ‘business dealings’ rather than acknowledge that Islam is at war with us and all free nations. Would a Muslim terrorist be any less evil and threatening by any other name?

A study of history and a clear understanding of the “facts on the ground” today must lead to the conclusion that a Palestinian state will be another Arab terrorist state dedicated to the destruction of Israel. American leadership will not bring about the success of peace talks, as the writer suggests. Only when Muslim leadership gives up their goal of destroying or of imposing their beliefs on “the little Satan” — Israel — and “the big Satan” — the United States, will there be any possibility of peace.

Charlie Bernhaut
New York, NY

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