Offensive article

Offensive article

As I worked my way through “‘Imagine living next to Paris but being isolated from Paris’” (Feb. 13), I could not believe what I was reading and had to check several times to make sure this was NJJN. Michele Chabin wrote a diatribe against the State of Israel and how the Palestinians are being oppressed. What nonsense! 

Does the writer know anything about the history of the area? How the Jews have had an uninterrupted presence since the beginning of time? Does she understand why the security wall was built? Does she understand that Israel was willing to accept multiple peace plans and that the Palestinians rejected each one? I will not go into the multiple other things that Chabin doesn’t know or understand. 

The “Palestinians” are upset that a “dusty, neglected town” might be the capital of a Palestinian state. Let me remind the writer that Israel was not always the modern, high-tech successful place that it is now. The Jewish people worked hard to get to this place and nothing was handed to them. If the “Palestinians” want a nice modern city for their capital, let them roll up their sleeves and build it.

This article is offensive, and I hope Chabin will not submit any future articles to the paper.

F. Ginsberg

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