On Jewish white nationalists

On Jewish white nationalists

Like Stephen Miller, I am a Jewish, white nationalist (please don’t smash my car and please let me speak) (“Trump has his back; liberal, centrist Jews still want his head,” Nov. 21). I bet all you “liberal and centrist” Jews are not surprised that I have the American flag waving proudly in front of my house telling all that I am a nationalist (as in MAGA, “make America great again”) and proud to be an American, yet are concerned that I am out at night painting swastikas on shuls because I am a white nationalist (I do not).

Perhaps “liberal and centrist Jews” who are not white nationalists like me and are horrified and appalled by Stephen Miller’s stand on illegal immigration should consider making their own residence a sanctuary and adopt an immigrant family, provide clothing for them, and pay for their medical care until they earn enough to support themselves and are eligible for a green card.

Oh! And then welcome the next illegal immigrant family, and the next until they either stop excoriating Miller for not wanting to support all the illegal aliens knocking on our doors or until there are no more illegal aliens in need of green cards within our borders.

Dahlia Peyser
Mountain Lakes

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