Our Rush

Our Rush

Holt what you are doing, and Rush right out to say thank you!

Rush Holt has served as the congressmanfor the district that includes my congregation, Beth Chaim in Princeton Junction, for his entire time in the United States Congress.During that time, I knew him to be accessible, friendly, a careful listener, tolerant of people’s differences, and a good friend to the State of Israel. (“Rush Holt: ‘I want to see Israel prosper’”).

Whenever Israel needed help and support, I could count on Rush Holt to be there to help me bolster the State of Israel. This was not because he pandered to the Jewish vote — I would not expect an intelligent person like my congressman to conform his opinions to pressure or political expediency. Rush supported Israel because it  was in the best interests of the UnitedStates, and because Israel was morally  right.

There were times during his tenure in the House when both Rush and I questioned the actions of a particular Israeli government. Actually, there were times when Rep. Holt and I questioned the actions of a particular American government. No one should walk in lock-step with any government or politician. We  should  always question and seek for truth. As a rabbi, I respect Albert Camus, who  said, “I should like to love my countryand still love justice.”

My congressman fostered harmony among the various religious sects in his district. He invited religious leaders down to DC and hosted a “religious tolerance” conference to bring us all together. His door and his ears were always open to different points of view; he listened and invited people to speak their minds. Rush Holt spent his career in the House, serving his constituents with truth, justice, and in the best American Way (OK, so I watched Superman when I was a kid).

I am a proud, unabashed “liberal,” and so is Rush Holt. I am honored to have called him my representative and  shall miss his voice in Congress.

Rabbi Eric B. Wisnia
Congregation Beth Chaim
Princeton Junction

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