Partisan hatred

Partisan hatred

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, Kalman Barson’s letter “No credit to Trump admin” (Feb. 15) is an insult. Such a letter demeans the many good thoughtful letters — on both sides — that are published in NJJN. Barson is free to hate Donald Trump as much as he likes, that is the benefit of our democracy. 

But his assertion that the “highest echelons of the Republican Party” are traitors reveals the very corrosive emotion of blind, partisan hatred. 

False and reprehensible is his assertion that for a Jew to vote Republican is “to forget what being Jewish means.” What? In Barson’s world to be a real Jew you have to be a Democrat? Many Orthodox rabbis support Trump. They appreciate his courage, they appreciate his genuine concern for and support of Israel. They know the meaning of gratitude.

Anytime someone labels someone a Nazi when that person does not share their beliefs, all debate stops. All conversation stops. It is a technique designed to abrogate democratic discussion and the give-and-take of ideas. Barson’s opening reference to a German (hence Nazi) honorific of Herr Trump and Herr Pence is just such an outrageous slur. 

Barson is not interested in debating Trump’s positive effects on the economy, that was just an excuse to accuse Republicans of treason, Trump of being a Nazi, and anyone who supports Trump of not being truly Jewish.

Barson’s compass is damaged; in fact, it may be beyond repair. 

S. Scheininger

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