Party infatuation

Party infatuation

As a Jew and a supporter of Donald Trump, I find your endorsement of Hillary Clinton to be total rubbish (“Hillary Clinton for president,” Oct. [GMW]13 [SxMo] 18). Hillary is no friend of Israel and she is certainly no friend of those of the Jewish faith (and please don't tell me about her daughter marrying a Jew; at least Ivanka Trump converted).

Mrs. Clinton was part of Barack Obama's team during his first term. The Obama administration has been the only U.S. administration in recent memory to be outright belligerent to Israel. This administration has ensured years of discord and instability in the Middle East by aiding and abetting a nuclear Iran.

I will never figure out what is the Jewish infatuation with the Democratic party. The party supports the openly anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter. In New Jersey alone, the Democratic majority has single-handedly destroyed the state with out-of-control property, sales, fuel, and income taxes. If this is being done at the state level, what do you think Mrs. Clinton is going to do at the federal level? The answer is obvious: socialism. Take away from hard-working individuals to prop up those with no incentive to better themselves.

Mr. Trump at least believes in securing the borders, creating jobs, and weeding out corruption. Recent allegations against Trump have not been substantiated while improprieties against Clinton are fully documented. Then again, the fact that she has not been indicted for jeopardizing national security speaks volumes about the danger of one political party controlling the presidency, security apparatus, justice department, and the media — just like the old Soviet Union.

Your case to support Clinton solely because she is not Trump has no merit.

Howard P Vogel

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