Perception dilemma

Perception dilemma

I am interested in perception. Gary Rosenblatt and I are both educated and reasonable Jews, presumably with the same Jewish values. How does he perceive President Trump as “crude, ego-driven, impetuous, deeply flawed,” “a bullying buffoon” with “a brash and crass style” (Between the Lines, “Choosing between Trump the foe and the ally,” Feb. 1), and I perceive him as brilliant, kind, authentic, transparent, warm, patriotic, effective, and incredibly strong? 

I perceive that he is not turning off world leaders. On the contrary, he does not tolerate any behavior that is detrimental to this country and has earned respect worldwide. He is not President Obama, the polished speaker who read a teleprompter with great ease.

It was Obama who had friends like Louis Farrakhan, Bill Ayers, and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Of course, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump connect so well. They are both passionate about protecting their respective countries. In addition, both men are wise and share the same values. Perhaps, and just perhaps, Trump is not the buffoon that you perceive him to be.

I still ponder on the perception

Elaine Blum

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