Poor editorial decision

Poor editorial decision

I am dismayed by NJJN’s decision to print Andrew Silow-Carroll’s op-ed on the front page (“The president’s remarks about Jewish money mistake bigotry for wit,” Dec. 12). I view Pres. Donald Trump as the best friend in the White House that the State of Israel has had since its founding in 1948. In his piece Silow-Carroll implies that Trump’s jokes stoke anti-Semitism in this country. I understand that others may have an opinion on Trump and his policies that’s different than mine. What I take issue with is NJJN’s editorial decision to publish Silow-Carroll’s opinion on the front page.

In my personal view, Trump is working to address growing anti-Semitism in this country. Just recently, he signed an executive order that addresses anti-Semitism and the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) on college campuses. I would not be writing this letter if Silow-Carroll’s piece was published in the Editorial or Opinion section of NJJN.

Bryan Bier
West Orange

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