Progressive, pro-Israel

Progressive, pro-Israel

It was greatly satisfying, not to mention necessary for my well-being, to read Julia Malaga’s op-ed, “How to be progressive and pro-Israel” (March 28). This topic has been weighing heavily on me lately. I search for ways to demonstrate to my fellow progressives that one can be — indeed, should be, pro-Israel — while at the same time rooting for the underdogs.

I appreciated learning that the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ supports the many shared society initiatives, including pluralism in Israel and aid and assistance to Arabs living there. I hope the next time I visit Israel to include visiting one or more of the Arab/Druze/Bedouin communities Malaga mentioned. I intend to share the article on my Facebook page. I like to believe that there are many of us out here who are progressive and pro-Israel. I would love to read more articles like this one in future editions of NJJN.

Sherril Smoger-Kessous

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