Readers want direction

Readers want direction

I had almost given up on NJJN. I almost cancelled my subscription. You are the standard to which many Jewish people look. It seemed that what was presented was not always in the best interests of the Jewish people. The information was sometimes cynical and mocking. It lacked respect for the president of the United States and sometimes Israel. At times, the content came off as prideful or even know-it-all. The letters to the editor were the best part as they were genuine even if I didn’t agree with the writers.

But the Dec. 5 issue was the best! The editorial, “A stake, but not a say in Israeli elections,” was clear and educational. People need to know these points; it gives them direction and removes confusion.

I agree that NJJN needs to be honest and present both sides, but in this kind of community newspaper there should be a way for readers to discern which path to follow.

Marlene Rosenberg

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