Rest in peace, NJJN

Rest in peace, NJJN

The Jewish News has been a fixture since I was a child. Back in those days, support for Israel was a given, and readers could only dream that U.S. presidents would be as supportive as they are.

Today, NJJN Editor Gabe Kahn has difficulty choosing between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump (Garden State of Mind, “The lesser of two nominees,” Feb. 20) despite the fact that Sanders is openly hostile to Israel and welcomed hateful bigots such as Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Tamika Mallory into his campaign. In contrast, Trump may be the most enthusiastic Israel advocate to ever occupy the White House. 

Anyone who regularly reads letters to the editor will note the protests of those whose politics do not align with the Democratic party. Leftist positions on gun control, abortion, and the Arab-Israeli conflict abound, while opposing positions rarely appear.

NJJN has lost its way. It has lost the center/right readers who might happily open their wallets were they not disgusted every time a new issue appears.

May NJJN rest in peace and a more inclusive version replace it soon.

Ron Soussa
Pine Brook

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