Sanders vs. Trump solution

Sanders vs. Trump solution

Gabe Kahn’s “The lesser of two nominees” (Garden State of Mind, Feb. 20) states that moderate Jews could face a dilemma in the presidential elections — they don’t feel like they have much choice between President Donald Trump and his presumptive opponent, the Marxist Socialist posing as a Democrat, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Am I missing something? Why is this such a difficult choice? Under Trump we have had the best economy in the last 50 years. In addition, Trump has been the strongest ally to Israel of any president. He has even rid the earth of the two of the world’s most ruthless terrorists.

On the other hand, Comrade Bernie wants to tear down the institutions that have made this country so great for more than 240 years with his communistic reforms. His unfathomable plans, such as “Medicare for all” and “free everything” (taxes not included), will bankrupt our nation and throw us back into the Dark Ages. We have seen how socialism works in other countries like Venezuela and Cuba.

Voters are only faced with this situation because of the incompetence of the Democratic candidates. To my liberal Jewish friends who hate the president so much that they would actually vote for Crazy Bernie, I have a simple solution to the problem: When you enter the voting booth, do not vote. That way you will not be assisting in Trump’s reelection and, at the same time, you will be saving America from ruin.

Warren Goldfein
Mount Arlington

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