Santorum’s ‘Sharia’?

Santorum’s ‘Sharia’?

I am independent conservative but would never vote for Rick Santorum.

Santorum is anti-constitutional, hypocritical, and ignorant: He defends “the free exercise” clause of the First Amendment for Catholic hospitals but his platform violates this same clause, denying Jewish law, which commands abortion to save a mother’s life. Thus, Santorum either believes in the primacy of the Vatican’s views over the Constitution, does not know the history of religions, or is just a hypocrite. None of these options is acceptable. He intends to introduce into the Constitution and impose on all Americans his other erroneous uneducated beliefs in “eternal truths.” But his assault on the first amendment is disqualifying in and of itself.

All are entitled to full respect of their beliefs, but we do not need a Santorum version of Sharia in the United States. Many conservative Christian politicians respect the Constitution: My congressman publicly responded that he would preserve the Jewish “mother’s life” exemption in any abortion legislation.

Santorum’s position is also medically groundless. The Creator did not give fertilized eggs an unalienable right to life but apparently designed half for death — about half of fertilized eggs die within a month, and no fetus can survive outside the womb before it is about 21 weeks old.

Dr. Alex Rashin

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