School days

School days

Though I have been a resident of Florida since retiring in 1981, I have followed with interest the affairs of the community as well as the many people of my former home state. I am fortunate to still be around, though I graduated from Weequahic High School with the very first class.

It is therefore of such personal and great interest to me to be following the news of what may be the demise of this school which offered so much to so many. And it seems, from all of my reading, that it still is there to offer and assist in the education of the youth still attending!

How wondrous it would be to read of improvement to that school and to the reawakening of the appreciation of the education offered to students now living in the area.

Learning to “debate” as well as to write and express one’s thoughts were all enhanced for me and my fellow students at Weequahic.

Yes, I am 93, but my recollection of all that Weequahic High offered to me stays with me, and I wouldwish the same for today’s young people.

Norma (Cohen) Seligman
Boynton Beach, Fla.

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