Separation exaggerated

Separation exaggerated

Mitch Morrison writes in his Opinion piece that “it is not at all uncommon” for Orthodox shuls to have “kiddush where another mechitzah … guards the separation of the sexes, where neither the twain shall meet” (“At Orthodox celebrations, the separation of sexes goes too far,” Oct. 10). I have belonged to seven Orthodox congregations in five cities and visited dozens more over the last two decades. Only in a couple of chasidic shuls have I seen the separate kiddushes that Morrison writes about.

Morrison also complains that the absence of mixed (male/female) dancing at Orthodox weddings is additional evidence that “we are desexualizing our religion to a dangerous degree.” This seems to be to be much ado about not very much: I suspect that most people don’t go to weddings every week or even every month, and social dancing is not as important a part of social life as it was in the 1950s.

Michael Lewyn

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