Shameful editorial

Shameful editorial

Once again, another misguided and shameful “Editorial” from NJJN (“The American journey of Alexander Vindman,” Feb. 13). 

The Vindmans’ Jewishness (Alexander and his twin brother Yevgeny) has nothing to do with their actions in the White House. Rather, the arrogance displayed during Alexander Vindman’s testimony only showed the overstepping of his responsibilities and role as a trusted adviser to his commander-in-chief and the American people.

Clearly Vindman was offended that his opinions were not lauded, and given the fact that his personal views regarding Pres. Donald Trump were less than supportive, further displayed his desire to hurt the president while he got his 15 minutes of fame on national TV.

The personal story of the Vindmans is one that deserves the respect and pride of all Americans, but to mix his faith with his professional responsibilities lessens them both.

As for Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and his service to government, our country, and his cowardly silence toward Israel and representatives who clearly have turned their backs on the Jewish state, while saying nothing about the growing anti-Semitism in Congress, the less said the better.

Mort Grossman

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