Sheep no more

Sheep no more

Gabe Kahn’s Garden State of Mind appears on the front page, precisely where it ought not to be (“The gun problem’s plain to see,” March 15). It is certainly a travesty that so many in the media have lost their journalistic integrity by shifting away from unbiased reporting of news to unabashed attempts to shape opinion under the guise of reporting news. NJJN fits this unfortunate trend rather well.

As to the premise of Kahn’s piece, “But our argument, as Jews ought to depend on the moral implications,” is a fair one but not for the reason(s) he asserts. Throughout the ages, if there is one demographic group that has been most targeted by governments, rogue organizations, and bigoted individuals with violence ranging from destruction and theft of property to attempts at mass extermination, it has been Jews. All too often we have behaved as sheep as we are led to slaughter. I for one will never be a sheep or allow my family to be treated as such. I, as an American, but perhaps more importantly as a Jew, will fight steadfastly for my right to keep and bear arms and will resist any attempt to constitutionally change that.

Martin Marks

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