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Taxpayers should be entitled to aid

Taxpayers should be entitled to aid

After reading Johanna Ginsberg’s article “Immigrants denied pandemic relief money” (June 11), I was disappointed to see how hardworking people are being treated in this country. It is sad that people who have been living in this country for over 20 years, who have worked and paid their taxes, are being denied money from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. I firmly believe that if you pay your taxes, you should not be denied the same rights as everyone else. 

I agree with Charlene Walker, executive director of Faith in New Jersey, who said in the article, “The federal government has failed this population.” It is wrong to deny payment to immigrants who are working and paying their taxes. This virus has turned people’s lives upside down, and the last thing people need is to be denied assistance. 

Faith in New Jersey, a faith-based advocacy organization that focuses on racial, economic, and immigration justice issues, has been doing right by lobbying politicians to allow immigrants to receive the next stimulus package, which is called the Heroes Act. This act will give payouts to people who file their tax returns using a Tax Identification Number, and for their spouses with whom they file jointly. People who file taxes and have a spouse with a mixed status should receive relief aid, just like everyone else.

Melanie Wollman
North Miami Beach, Fla.

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