Tepper Foundation gives security grants to Greater MetroWest institutions  

Tepper Foundation gives security grants to Greater MetroWest institutions  

A $1 million grant from the Tepper Foundation will help underwrite the cost of security personnel at 23 synagogues and JCC early childhood centers in the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ region.
The move comes following a spike in antisemitic incidents and threats across the United States.

In November the Tepper Foundation, a family foundation that supports effective organizations in New Jersey and across the United States, established its Security Fund to “to meet the current unprecedented need to protect the places most important to us — synagogues and spaces where Jewish Americans gather,” said Marian Stern, the foundation’s portfolio manager. “Given the urgency of the situation, our priority was to get money out the door as soon as possible, ensuring that our grantees are able to increase security swiftly.”

The Security Fund is in addition to the foundation’s commitment of more than $3 million to combat all identity-based hate and antisemitism this year.

The funding for the GMW institutions is being done in collaboration with the federation’s Community Security Initiative (CSI) and with the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest.

The Tepper family has been a long-time supporter of the GMW federation. “At The Tepper Foundation, we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy the full expression of their identities, and that includes feeling safe in their local meeting spaces and places of worship,” said David Tepper. “While there is a critical need today, we also want to make sure these increased security measures can be sustained for as long as necessary, so we encourage other foundations and individuals to join us in funding this work.”

“We are deeply grateful to the Tepper Foundation for this much-needed and timely support that helps to safeguard thousands of children across our community and help families feel safe and secure,” said federation CEO Dov Ben-Shimon.

For more information, go to tepperfoundation.org, jfedgmw.org, and jcfgmw.org.

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