Thank you, NJJN

Thank you, NJJN

We’re heartened by your editorial clarifying that NJJN sees “the issue of Jewish-Muslim relations as an increasingly important one, locally and nationally.” 

What is Jewish life and Torah — even survival itself — if not human relationships? 

It also seems that recent U.S. election experiences have helped us realize that many of us, including Jews and Muslims, are strangers in our own land. 

This is particularly true overseas with Israel’s poverty of relationships and famine of communication skills — with few, yet inspiring, exceptions — among these two fine peoples. 

Political personalities, for-profit businesses, and news professionals are increasingly accused of preoccupation with sensationalizing human failures and with manipulating citizen fear — even exaggerating so-called enemies — for personal gain and individual power. 

NJJN elevates, dignifies, and distinguishes itself by insisting on whole views of life and ascribing to the principles of the Shema — listening to learn, hearing everyone while excluding no one.

Elie Wiesel reminded us that “people become the stories they hear and the stories they tell.”

Thank you, NJJN, for keeping us vigilant while also broadcasting the human success stories that we dearly need and deserve, and that instruct us on how to fulfill our high destiny, be a light to the world, and live as one —neighbors forever.

Libby and Len Traubman
San Mateo, Calif. 

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