Tribute hits home

Tribute hits home

Thank you so much for Shira Vickar-Fox’s “Recipes for Life: Canadian cookbook author’s food nurtured generations” (March 12). I cried and laughed when I read it, it truly hit home for me.

My mother moved from New York to Toronto in 1972 where two of my siblings and I were born before we made aliyah in 1983. I cannot imagine her kitchen and growing up without “The Pleasures of your Food Processor,” “Micro Ways,” and later in life, “MealLeaniYumm!” and “Healthy Helpings.” In fact, I don’t know one Toronto kitchen or cook (and many in Israel) without one of Norene Gilletz’s cookbooks. We were all deeply saddened when we heard of her passing in February.

I remember the first time I discovered Nanaimo bars. The Easy Chocolate Cake is nicknamed “Doron’s Chocolate Cake” as my brother-in-law Doron introduced us to this recipe and it became a staple for birthday celebrations.  The part that especially hit home for me was about the Passover rolls. These are a staple in our home and it would not be Passover without a batch of rolls made fresh every morning, starting with the afternoon before the seder when my mother always makes a batch for lunch to get us through until the seder feast.

My mother made sure that my sister and I had our own copies of “The Pleasures of your Food Processor” and gave us each a copy at our bridal showers so that our kitchens would be complete.

Thank you for this beautiful tribute to a very special Canadian chef and cookbook author.

Rachel Binder
New York, N.Y.

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