Trump contradicts Jewish values

Trump contradicts Jewish values

It is disturbing to see the level of support for Pres. Donald Trump within the Jewish community evidenced, in part, by the many letters to the editor and a frontpage article about an East Brunswick resident whose support for Trump grew after attending one of his rallies which, no doubt, included the charge of “lugenpresse” and chants of “lock her up” (“Still playing the Trump card,” Aug. 29).

There can be disagreement on policy but perhaps one of these supporters can explain what Jewish value is exemplified by a public office holder calling citizens and dedicated civil servants “total losers,” “dumb,” “low IQ,” and “traitors.” Do any Trump supporters teach their children to use childish nicknames and cruel taunts against those who hold a different opinion? And can a Trump proponent point to a Jewish scholar or sacred text that lends support for the use of such publicly offensive and derogatory language about others? All this to say nothing of the president’s disregard for the truth or democratic norms. This support of Trump is in stark contrast to Jewish values and I am disappointed in a Jewish community publication that seems to fall short of affirming them. 

Kenneth Cohen
West Orange

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