Trump was silent

Trump was silent

As a Jew I cannot support Donald Trump because…

He preaches hate and distrust based on religion and ethnic background. His campaign is reminiscent of Hitler, who scapegoated Jews and others for the economic ills of Germany.

He has not spoken out forcibly against his white supremacist supporters who have flooded the e-mails of Jewish journalists who oppose his candidacy with vile anti-Semitic attacks.

When some of his supporters circulated a poster depicting Hillary Clinton with a star of David in the background along with lots of money floating around, Trump was silent.  

Some have argued that the fact that Trump’s daughter converted and his grandchildren are being brought up Jewish proves he is not anti-Semitic. Others who oppose him remind us that Mussolini had a Jewish mistress and Hitler was so impressed with the Jewish doctor who cared for his mother that he protected him. I would give Trump the benefit of the doubt and say he himself is not anti-Semitic, but (see above), his refusal to speak out forcibly against known anti-Semitic supporters is troubling.

Some Jewish supporters of Donald Trump are trying to make this election about Israel, arguing that Democrats are not as supportive as Republicans. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his anti-Iran agreement speech before a joint session of Congress went out of his way to remind everyone that Israel has enjoyed excellent relations with Democrats as well as Republicans. Although there are serious disagreements concerning the Iran deal and the settlement expansion issue, Israel continues to get more foreign aid than any other country despite the fact that Israel’s economy is better than ours. 

Although President Obama, like all previous presidents, oppose settlement expansion, he has done nothing to stop it. I believe that American-Jewish voters should vote for what they think is best for America, just like Israeli citizens vote for what they think is best for Israel.

Finally, as a father and grandfather, the idea of a man like Donald Trump having a finger on a button that could unleash a nuclear apocalypse is too frightening to contemplate. 

Marvin Bograd
East Windsor 

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