‘Trumped’ up charges

‘Trumped’ up charges

I was very happy to read Bella Scharf Zelingher’s letter to the editor in support of Pres. Donald Trump (“Jews for Trump,” Oct. 17). We all know of his accomplishments such as the low unemployment rate, attainment of energy independence, and start of building the wall at the southern border to make our country safer. 

Now I can’t be more pleased with our chief executive as he has helped orchestrate the elimination of the despicable ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. (The media seemed more saddened than happy at this news.)  Under Pres. Trump, our strong relationship with Israel has been restored after being scarred during the Obama administration. 

Although I still seem to be in a huge minority, I am proud as a Jew to be in full support of the president. I am bucking the tradition whereby most Jews wear blinders in voting for whichever Democrat is on the ballot. They should realize that the slate of Dems seeking presidential nomination all have socialism in their blood. Policies like eliminating private health care, free health care for illegals, and open borders will generate higher taxes for everyone and will make this country look like Venezuela. In addition, the anti-Semitism that is snowballing in the party without being addressed is a danger to everyone.

The Democrats realize that they can’t defeat Trump at the ballot box so they are concocting one “Trumped” up impeachment charge after another. The media (with the exception of Fox News and the New York Post) now appears to be an appendage of the Democratic Party. For those who must vote in the Democratic primary next year, I would urge you to select “none of the above.”

Warren Goldfein
Mount Arlington

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