Trump’s declaration

Trump’s declaration

I find it astonishing how the left’s visceral hatred of Trump overcomes any sense of reason or logic. If any other U.S. president had proclaimed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, he would have been hailed as a saint and hero. Just imagine, if Obama had done that, leftists would have been clambering all over themselves in slavish, fawning adulation calling him the most courageous president in modern times, and building monuments to him rivaling Mt. Rushmore with heads of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and Obama. 

But alas it was the tweeting lowlife Trump who did it, and suddenly it presented all sorts of problems and controversies, as enumerated in your Dec. 26 editorial, “Jury out on Jerusalem move” — that it might hurt the so-called peace process, incur the wrath of the Arabs, lead to violence and intifadas, set the region aflame, etc., (as if none of these happened before Trump’s Jerusalem declaration). 

Even a simple “Thank you, Mr. President “would have been nice, but any sign of praise for him, however faint, from NJJN would probably get stuck in your throat, making NJJN unable to utter it.

That’s the radical left’s “Trump-hatred-uber-alles” mentality at its strongest, and is out-of-place in a newspaper supposedly representing the entire Jewish community.

Max Wisotsky
Highland Park

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