Truth to power

Truth to power

Andrew Silow-Carroll and others on the Jewish left are calling for Israel and Bibi Netanyahu’s government to “mend fences” with Barack Obama over the recent Israeli election. (“The triumph of triumphalism,” March 22). After sending Jeremy Bird, using taxpayer funds, to interfere in those elections, it is Obama who should be apologizing.

Unlike Obama, Netanyahu is a staunch advocate for his nation’s exceptionalism and doesn’t apologize for the actions taken to assure its survival. Calling Obama out — diplomatically — for his suicidal capitulation to Iran’s apocalyptic mullahs is exactly what was needed.

What happened to the Jewish left that prided itself on “speaking truth to power”? We should be applauding a tiny nation surrounded by enemies that dares to acknowledge the equivalent of the emperor not having any clothes: Dropping sanctions on Iran rather than increasing them dramatically — and allowing them to maintain nuclear facilities instead of inspecting, dismantling, and destroying all of their nuclear capabilities — is in America and Israel’s best interests.

That we as Jews cannot unite in that one simple message should inure to all of our collective shame.

Ron Soussa
Pine Brook

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