Unfair trial

Unfair trial

I was about to thank NJJN for its editorial on the importance of voting for members of the World Zionist Congress (“For diaspora Jews, a vote to be heard,” Jan. 16) when I read “The Jewish stake in the impeachment trial” (Editorial, Jan. 30). 

You have got to be kidding. You think the House of Representatives held a fair trial? They manipulated their whole way through and were 1,000 percent disrespectful and repeated themselves ad nauseam so that they could run their stuff (putting it mildly) into the timing of the State of the Union address. They took a long Christmas break, and then Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) wouldn’t let go of the impeachment papers, dragging it out for at least an extra month.

And NJJN has the nerve to say that the Senate isn’t honest? And you didn’t comment on the behavior of the House? That is bias like I’ve only seen in the House and the media.

Shame on whoever wrote the editorial.

Marlene Rosenberg

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