Victims of ignorance

Victims of ignorance

Your luck in life begins with where you were born and who you are born to. I can’t help thinking about mid-March, when the Israeli family living in Itamar — two parents and three small children — was murdered in their sleep.

The terrorist group al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade took responsibility and were so proud! Murder is something to be proud of? To honor? A warning to the Israelis to get out of their territory?

What happened to real accomplishments? How about being a productive part of society? So if you are born to a parent who is a terrorist or has a terroristic viewpoint ,you are brainwashed to think that this is the proper way of life? And the cycle perpetuates itself. How can it be broken? How can the innocent become free of this society? There must be some innocence in this skewed place they call their home. After all, their poor children were just victims born into their ignorance.

Israel stands alone in the Middle East — literally, in the middle of countries that would love to see them be converted to sand in the desert. Israel is the friend that calls you when the chips are down. During a catastrophe, they pick up the phone and ask, how can we help? Japan will attest to this. Israel was the first country to call only one hour after the tsunami hit to see what they could do to help. When there are hardships, they are the friend who brings you a warm supper, the friend that is happy for your positive achievements. Unlike their neighbors — “friends” who gloat over those hardships, who say nice things to your face and then talk about you behind your back.

To get a friend, you have to be a friend. Which friend would you choose?

But ultimately it’s all about where you are born and who you are born to. It was the freedom of that family in Itamar to live in the Northern West Bank. Unfortunately those children murdered were born in a place where terrorists take cover amidst chaos. And those murderers were most likely born to hating parents teaching them that anyone who doesn’t worship the way they do is a heretic. This is their territory and the Jews should get out! There is only their side to the story and their children will never know the truth.

Some things we cannot change. We can’t change what others will do; we can only change what we do and how we react to situations. We can support Israel. We can stay united as Jews. We can think for ourselves and not be brainwashed. We can be the best friend we can possibly be to our neighbors. And we can live with the knowledge that we as an individual and group do the right thing…always.

Amy Gootman-Schwartz


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