Vile tactics

Vile tactics

There are different approaches to confronting extremists, such as BDS (boycotts,   divestment, and sanctions) advocates, including ignoring them, as Andrew Silow-Carroll suggests (Editor’s Column, “Putting the ‘pro’ into pro-Israel,” Feb. 14). But the column doesn’t address the Brooklyn College Political Science Department’s cosponsorship of   this event.

This cosponsorship gives institutional support to a hateful tactic aimed at the only democratic and Jewish state in the Middle East, one bordered by a country undergoing genocide with over 60,000 victims.

This breach was the major source of the controversy. How can one expect an objective study of Israel in that department, when it cosponsors a seminar advocating such a vile tactic?

The department is Political without the Science.

Max Kleinman
Executive vice president,
Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ

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