Vote Trump

Vote Trump

I find myself writing after reading Gabe Kahn’s “The lesser of two nominees” (Garden State of Mind, Feb. 20). At first I wanted to pull a Rep. Nancy Pelosi and tear it up. I just can’t fathom what Kahn is speaking of — I am referring to him saying that Sen. Bernie Sanders is the lesser of two evils.

His comparison of Sanders to Pres. Donald Trump is crazy. First off, I will vote for Trump. In fact, I will vote for Trump over Joe Biden.

Trump has done a fantastic job starting with our economy, which was soaring before the coronavirus pandemic. Trump works all the time to help make this great country even greater. Is he hard on our allies? Yes. But they have been taking advantage of us forever. He is getting NATO to start paying their fair share for security.

Most important is the fact that Trump is a strong, no, super strong, supporter of Israel. He moved the embassy to Jerusalem, which previous presidents said they would but never did.

We all know how Sanders feels about Israel. He blames the Israelis for the lack of real peace with the Palestinians. There is an old saying, you need two partners to have a peace agreement. Trump has put forth a peace plan which, of course, the Palestinians knocked down. And by the way, while Biden was vice president an anti-Israel vote came up in the UN and the U.S. let it pass. Also, Biden received an endorsement from Congressman Jim Clyburn, who has appeared with Louis

Trump does not act presidential — maybe because he is not a politician, and thank God for that. So there is no need to wring one’s hands and fret about who one should vote for if it is between Trump or Sanders. Trump is by far and away the choice. And if the Democrats would work with this president and not divide the country, we can get some truly great things done.

Merrick Millman

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