Walk in Israel’s shoes

Walk in Israel’s shoes

In response to Martin Raffel’s column “Asking for a healthy debate on Israel, without the slings and arrows” (Sept. 19) I have to disagree agree with Raffel and agree with Stephen Flatow (Opinion, “Dear Israeli voters: a counterpoint,” Sept. 12).

In a perfect world a two-state solution would be ideal, but we live in a far from perfect world. There is an old saying that you need to have two parties to have a true peace agreement. Well, show me the two parties.

If Israel gave in to most of the Palestinian demands a peace agreement will be signed. But how soon after will Israel be attacked? Maybe as soon as the pen is put down. The fact is, the Palestinians hate Israel and the Jews. Israel has accepted the fact and we in the United States, who live within safe borders, should understand life is not the same in Israel.

Listen to the Fox News interview with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and you will learn what Israel is up against. Iran gets away with aiding other countries in their biddings against Israel instead of doing something directly themselves.

Israel is not perfect, but it is functioning and until you walk in an Israeli’s shoes you can suggest what you want, but that does not make it right.

Merrick Millman

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