Why rabbi?

Why rabbi?

Rabbi Aryeh Goodman was sent to jail for paying for sex with a minor (“Rabbi Aryeh Goodman sentenced to 18 months in prison,” Sept. 5). In 2001 Goodman served time in Pennsylvania for molesting a youth while a camp counselor.

These convictions lead to two questions: First, why was he allowed to have any involvement in the Chai Early Childhood Center and the Chai Central Hebrew School for children ages 6-14? Has Chabad of East Brunswick or the State of New Jersey performed any investigations into the childhood center or Hebrew school to see if there have been any improprieties?

Second, why is Goodman still a rabbi? Is there a Jewish authority that can remove the designation and let all other Jewish organizations know he is no longer is a clergy member? The bigger question is, will they?

Allen Alper

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