Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking

Dick Morris and Matthew Brooks are wrong. American Jews are as wed to President Obama as they were when they voted overwhelmingly for him in the 2008 election (“Realignment, meet reality,” Editor’s Column, July 28). Not all Jews; certainly not the Orthodox, but the same liberal, secular Jews. Indeed, the only way that Obama would lose a significant percentage of that vote is if he outlawed abortion; he could cut off all aid to Israel and not lose 5 percent.

Why? Because liberal Jews see it as an act of self-mutilation to vote for a Republican, any Republican. Especially against an African-American president. Their very being is tied up with the Democratic Party and liberal policies. Israel isn’t even on their screen, and if it is, it’s as the bad guy in the Middle East.

Instead of wishful thinking, it would be more useful to write off the majority of American Jews as potential Republican voters and supporters of Israel. That train left the station many years ago. Better that committed Jews strike alliances with Christian, Asian, and white ethnic groups who share our values.

Abe Krieger
Highland Park

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