Wrong message

Wrong message

I was stunned to see the headline “Bruriah girls take pro-life moral from Shoa” in the New Jersey Jewish News (March 13). Could my favorite Jewish newspaper actually be using “pro-life” as a synonym for opposing a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion? As if somehow those who do are more in favor of “life” than those who believe a woman is capable of making her own decisions in this very serious and private manner.

And it gets worse. The teacher behind this disgraceful program actually conflates a woman exercising her legal right to an abortion with those who died in the Holocaust. Think what you will about abortion, but to equate the voluntary — and legal — decision of a woman to terminate a pregnancy with those who died in the camps is nothing short of obscene.

I might add that this teacher, like me, is a member of that half of the human race that can never know the multitude of emotions that a pregnancy in one’s own body brings. 

Why doesn’t he teach his young charges to help children already born, given the amount of poverty in Israel today, instead of meddling in the private (and legal) choices of women under duress?

What a shameful message to teach young girls.

Martin Golan

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