A common good

A common good

It was wonderful to see Andrew Silow-Carroll’s May 8 column on who speaks for the Jews (“Cheerleaders — or partners?”). “Price tag” attacks are heinous and ought to be condemned by all Jews.

The Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ was at the forefront of federations in condemning these attacks (see jfedgmw.org/). It is a matter of morality, not “Left” or “Right.” It should not take courage to be against anti-Arab bias crimes. We have heartfelt concern for the very soul of our beloved Israel, which is damaged every time these attacks happen.

Since Prime Minister Netanyahu says he is speaking for all Jewish people, Jewish Americans should tell him what we think. We have a heart, a voice and Torah values, and are not merely spectators or  cheerleaders, rather partners.

Any organization wanting to be “the voice” of the Jewish people must have arevim (responsibility) and hear partners and others. Jewish responsibility began when we all stood at Sinai to receive the Torah and were joyfully united with one heart. Let’s face it — all voices are needed in important discussions about Israel to advance a future for our common good.
Phyllis Bernstein

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