A hidden threat

A hidden threat

Recent news dispatches seem to indicate that the truce between Israel and Hamas is holding without any significant violations from either side. This pause in hostilities in Gaza could also be used as a wakeup call to address the canard that Iran is not interested in acquiring nuclear weaponry. Iran claims that they want to manufacture “medical isotopes.” Is there a business model? Do the Iranians want to use this capability internally or market it abroad? What diagnostic or therapeutic uses are they contemplating? If Iran accumulates a large enough inventory they could easily transfer these isotopes to couriers who could smuggle them into foreign countries for malicious purposes.

Alternatively, these isotopes could be placed within existing rockets and launched against Israel or other perceived adversaries. Even if Israel could destroy many of the missiles in flight, the isotope containers in the rockets would be obliterated and the radioactive contents would fall on grazing land where cattle, sheep, etc., would ingest radioactive material. Cultivated farmlands would be tainted. Rivers, lakes, and drinking water would be affected. Even the Persian Gulf’s maritime animals would be contaminated.

Medical isotope production by Iran should be monitored under the most stringent international supervision or not be permitted at all.

Lawrence Gould, MD

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