A humane end

A humane end

I disagree with the views of the rabbis quoted in your article about assisted suicide legislation (“Rabbis  frown on assisted suicide legislation,” Dec. 13).

I am Jewish and most of my mother’s family perished in the Holocaust, yet there does come a time when  each of us lives to the point that we are no longer really living but are alive and would welcome death. I would want to be helped to achieve death when that time comes for me. No one will require you to take these measures no more than those opposed to abortion must have one, but women should have that option. We live in the 21st century, no longer in the era when we need to fear everything from the past.

Where ending a person’s suffering can be done humanely and with his or her consent, we should take advantage of it. If we are so concerned about humane treatment of animals, why not humans?

Steven Strauss

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