A note to our readers

A note to our readers

Notice anything different?

Welcome to the newly resized New Jersey Jewish News. Beginning this week, we have adopted a format that is quickly becoming an industry standard for weekly “tabloid” newspapers. Our paper is now printed at the New York Daily News facility in Jersey City on state-of-the-art full-color presses installed in 2009 by KBA, a global leader in printing technology. A number of publications in the New York metro area, including The Jewish Week in Manhattan, have made the switch, to the satisfaction of their readers and advertisers.

Our new format is easier to handle and read, and we now have full color capability on every page for more vibrant design options.

We had planned to make this switch in early 2013, but the process was accelerated when our former printer announced, with less than a week’s notice, that they were shutting down the Voorhees plant where we were printed. As a result, we had to make our transition in a matter of days, not weeks. We are grateful to our advertisers for their cooperation and to our staff for their professionalism, patience, and hard work in tackling the complicated logistics.

One additional benefit of this change is that we can get our papers to the post office more quickly and efficiently. Jersey City is just seven miles away from our drop point in Kearny (versus 85 miles for our former printer in south Jersey). This should help us ensure timely delivery.

You will notice some design changes throughout the paper. But because this all happened so quickly, our design will be a work in progress over the coming weeks. Reader and advertiser input is welcome as we work through the process. Please feel free to e-mail your comments to editorial@njjewishnews.com.

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