A richer future

A richer future

Congratulations to the forward thinking professional and lay leaders of Central NJ Federation and MetroWest for pursuing their “Urge to merge” (March 17). It takes vision and courage to shake loose from the seeming comfort of continuing “business as usual.” But the reality of demographic changes facing each federation, the recognition of the need for better economy to assure that philanthropic dollars are efficiently used, and the belief that the two communities can come together for more effectiveness while at the same time remaining respectful of their historic differences have fueled the ongoing talks.

Though there is much work to be done and many issues to be resolved, a merger of these two great federations can only mean more comprehensive service to our local agencies and further creative cooperation with our various projects in Israel.

The Central and MetroWest federations are each strong enough to take this leap forward together and with thoughtful and careful planning the entire Jewish community will reap the benefits of a richer future.

Eleanor Rubin
Tinton Falls


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