AIPAC coverage not news

AIPAC coverage not news

As a participant in the recent AIPAC conference, I read Gary Rosenblatt’s “At AIPAC, learning to live with Trump” (March 30) front-page “news” article with much interest. Although much was reported accurately, he revealed his opinions when telling us how “most American Jews” perceive President Donald Trump. Where are the facts?

Then again, his final two paragraphs ran his opinions; his article should have been moved to the editorial page. He said that college students “were shielded from witnessing the hundreds of young people — many of them Jewish — passionately protesting outside the Washington Convention Center, condemning ‘the occupation.’” I didn’t see anyone shielded. Does he mean that demonstrators were not allowed entry into a convention hall? No one was allowed inside without registration credentials. Is that shielding? How does he know many protestors were Jewish?

He wrote that AIPAC delegates “are not representative of our larger, diverse, and polarized community.” What does he actually mean by this generality? Does he mean that Jews who are not pro-Israel were not in attendance? Does he mean they all think alike when it comes to Israel and they are not polarized enough, therefore they don’t represent the Jewish community? I see his statements as negative and without real basis and logic.

Rosenblatt should stick to reporting the facts.

Howard Heller
Murray Hill

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