Aw, Please!

Aw, Please!

Gilbert N. Kahn is a professor of Political Science at Kean University.

The Obama Administration has clearly gotten itself into a heap of trouble with its friends and allies since the disclosure that the NSA even was spying on the cell phones of the leaders of America’s closest allies. What was in all likelihood a mutual operation–our allies probably have also been conducting a similar operation for years–became a political and diplomatic embarrassment for the President with the public disclosure of the wiretaps in WikiLeaks.  Everyone has been blinking about this for years–no doubt–and now the U.S. is eating humble pie because it was caught.

In truth this disclosure is about as shocking as Captain Renault (Claude Rains) expressing his shock to Rick (Humphrey Bogart) that there is gambling being conducted in Rick’s Café in Casablanca !

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