Blaming the victim

Blaming the victim

It constantly astonishes me to see the lengths that liberal Jews go to fawn over President Obama and the Democratic Party. Gilbert Kahn’s column “In defending Israel, guard your tongue” (Sept.17) is a great example of this. His column is ostensibly about Jews treating other fellow Jews civilly during a disagreement. This is an admirable sentiment. However, midway through his discourse he digresses to plead that, “Prime Minister Netanyahu must find a way to repair his personal relationship with President Obama and the Democrats.”

Anyone who follows the Mideast scene objectively knows that since assuming office over seven years ago, Obama and his administration have let no opportunity pass to demean, insult, scold, threaten, and curse (remember the “chickens**t” incident?) Netanyahu and, by extension, Israel, in favor of his open support of the Palestinians. Asking Netanyahu “to repair the historic bipartisan relationship
between the United States and Israel” is blaming the victim instead of the perpetrator.

Dr. Max J. Wisotsky
Highland Park

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