Boycott boycotters

Boycott boycotters

I am writing in response to the story of former Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters officially joining the campaign of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel, and urging his fellow artists to do the same (“Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters joins boycott movement,” March 17).

Waters’ fellow artists who also promote BDS’ agenda include Elvis Costello and Carlos Santana — big names to those that were raised on their music and, unfortunately, continue to be big influencers within our current culture.

That Waters and his ilk contribute to the narrative equating the situation in Israel with apartheid is beyond the pale and use of their celebrity status to enroll the world to delegitimize Israel is all the more reason to respond in kind. Where is the outrage and quid pro quo?

I call upon Jews to boycott all artists who boycott Israel in support of the anti-Israel BDS group. Don’t buy those musicians’ CDs, download their songs, or buy tickets to their concerts. I especially call upon all Jewish musicians, artists, and actors to boycott them as well. It is especially important that national Jewish leaders in the artistic management organizations — agents, lawyers, financial backers, promoters, etc. — come out and confront Waters et al as a means to counter their twisted, self-righteous, and self-serving manufactured consciousness and educate with more factual, rational, and viable information and context. Let an economic impact and industry reaction be an appropriate consequence, before the BDS masquerade becomes fact.

Mark H. Landsberg
West Orange

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