Comments need context

Comments need context

I’m concerned with some of Gary Rosenblatt’s statements related to race relations in “Truth under siege, from here to the Temple Mount” (July 27). I agree that they are worse today and that is truly unfortunate; however, by the tenor of his remarks on this subject we would not agree on the reasons why. 

His reference to “the killing of innocent blacks at the hands of police officers” casts a pall over the overwhelming number of police officers who do their jobs daily saving lives and protecting innocent people of all colors; the statement neglects to say these killings are rare instances. 

All would agree that prejudice in police forces must be confronted forcefully and inappropriate use of violence should be dealt with appropriately regardless of the color of the victim’s skin, but let’s not assume, as some politicians have, that the police are always to blame.

Too often the media does not take the time to place in context what is said, whether the reason is time constraints or providing balance that goes against a media outlet’s political or social views. 

We find too many of these kinds of reporters today. I agree with Rosenblatt that “Truth is under siege” but would also refer to the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan statement that he quoted, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.”

Ken Berkowitz

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