Dead wood?

Dead wood?

While Andrew Silow-Carroll laments the obvious split of world Jewry over Israel (“Long Division” Oct. 27), I think it is a necessary shedding of dead wood that threatens to bring down the tree.

Any Jew who is conflicted as to which side in the Arab-Israeli dispute is in the right should indeed find another group to belong to. And they have it in liberalism and/or the Democratic Party. The old saying applies to them: They are too open-minded to take their own side in an argument. But this isn’t merely an argument — it is life and death for the Jewish State. The Palestinians, regardless of what their leaders declare on CNN, don’t want to live side by side with Israel but six feet above them. There is no “peace process” with people who wake up every morning and go to sleep each night hoping you are dead. The “lonely “ secularized “rabbis” of the left are simply too out of touch to realize this.

Many years ago, NJJN published an editorial titled “Fewer but Jewer”, and that should be our goal. Let the 75 percent of Jews who care nothing for both our religious practices and Israel fade into oblivion. They are already lost and not coming back.

Abe Krieger
Highland Park

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