Do I throw it out?

Do I throw it out?

For some reason, I have been on a cleaning spree. I recently decided to clean out a bunch of cabinets around the house. If I were pregnant, this would be called nesting, but since I am not, we will call it the every-time-I-open-one-of-these-cabinets-everything-falls-on-the-floor-so-I-need-to-get-rid-of-whatever-is-in-there cleaning spree. Going through these cabinets has been akin to taking a walk down memory lane.

Today I found three Discmen (Discmen being the plural of a Discman, which for you younger readers is what we old timers used to play our compact discs on back in the 2000s or ’90s or whatever decade it was and they came with really cool headphones. Headphones, for you younger readers, is what came before air pods, which I still feel is the stupidest invention because they are so small and easy to lose, but not easy to see in people’s ears when they are wearing them, and you think people wearing them are talking to themselves or talking to you and then you answer them and realize that you look like an idiot because they are actually on the phone and not talking to you at all. Not that that has ever happened to me…) I also found a Walkman (a Walkman, for you younger readers, is what came before the Discman and you would play your tapes on them. You younger readers can Google what a tape is). I had a dilemma — do I throw these antiquated pieces of electronic history out? Do I start using them again because during my cleaning spree I also happened upon dozens, if not hundreds, of compact discs and tapes? Do I throw out the CDs and tapes? I was in a great quandary!

I also found an old remote control, but this I knew was saving. I went into the kitchen, I cleaned it thoroughly, and now my little Strudel can play with a remote that does not actually turn anything on. Yes, I was very proud of myself.

Back to memory lane. When Husband #1 and I got engaged, I told my parents that I wanted to buy him a watch, even though it is customary for the girl’s parents to buy the future groom a watch. My feeling was that I loved Husband #1 so much, that since I was working, I wanted to spend my hard-earned social worker money on my future husband. My parents, being my parents, still wanted to get him something, so they bought him a video camera. Their intentions were good and pure. Little did they know that they were giving this video camera to a lovely young man who would never have any idea how to properly work this camera, or ever know how to watch what was recorded on this camera. That being said, I found several tapes that had been in this ancient piece of recording equipment. All of these tapes look like they are almost halfway used. What is on these tapes? I have no idea, but I will soon be giving them to a man in our community who is a video wizard and knows how to put things on to some itty bitty piece of technology (yes, I am having a senior moment and don’t remember what it is called) that goes into your computer and then you can watch whatever is on it! We have already done this with some VCR tapes (sorry, not explaining what a VCR is, especially because I don’t even know what it stands for). Truthfully, I am looking forward to seeing what is on these tapes, because the last time Husband #1 used the video camera was before the smartphone was invented. Actually, it was probably before the cell phone was invented, so it should be some priceless footage of my monkeys.

Or it could be five hours of static. Who knows.

What else did I find? A brand-new weather-safe cover for a bench I haven’t had in 17 years. Threw that out. About fifty copies of Megillat Esther — very random. Board games. Giant piece puzzles. Former New York Yankee Bernie Williams autograph from when we met him in the lobby of a hotel in Englewood when Husband #1 worked for YU and was running the Sarachek basketball tournament. (Don’t ask.) And lots of other stuff that you are completely uninterested in hearing about, but that brought back happy memories from when my nest was not empty. Good times kids, good times. And that is all for this week. Hope you all had a pleasant Mother’s Day.

Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck knows that she made Husband #1 very happy when he came home to three full garbage bags of stuff. “It’s the little things that keep the spark alive,” she said sarcastically.

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