Double standard

Double standard

Re the editorial “Summer of ‘1967’” (Aug. 4): You and the majority of American Jews are always ready to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately this does not seem to apply when it comes to Benjamin Netanyahu.

President Obama’s remarks to start negotiations based on the 1967 borders (actually armistice lines, not borders) was a change of U.S. policy and represents a U.S. shift. If this was not the intent, then why change the previous U.S. narrative? Considering that Obama refuses to honor President George W. Bush’s letter to change the borders, is it any surprise that most people recognized it as a change in policy. Only people who drank Obama’s “Kool-Aid” refuse to recognize it.

As to Netanyahu’s acceptance of Obama’s interpretation: Did he have a choice? Do you really know what pressure or blackmail was applied by the Obama administration on Israel? Too often Israel is forced to accept U.S. policy it disagrees with because they are so dependent on U.S. support. The fact that too many Jews are on Obama’s bandwagon and ready to support him rather than the legitimate concerns of Israel doesn’t help.

Michael Garkawe

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